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Father's Day 2018

Today I spoke in church while Elyse and Kyria cried in the front row (and countless others in the congregation, too). I felt so inspired while writing it that I wanted to share it with the rest of the world too. So here ya go, Happy Father's Day! xo Nikka When Brother Shipp asked me to speak, he told me the date, asked if I would be in town and willing, and then said, “I will send you a topic in a couple of days but that is Father’s Day and I feel that you may have a great perspective on fathers and the priesthood.” He was right, I do have a very unique perspective of fatherhood. And no, it is not because Brother Shipp knows I have the best father in the world, or because I am an expert on how to be a good father. I am standing before you today with a unique perspective that has come to me through perhaps the most difficult trial I have been asked to face in my short 24 years on this earth. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve pondered how best to approach the topic of “the

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